Benefits of Seamless Roofing

What are Benefits of Our Seamless Roofing?

  • Proven, effective, trusted
  • Seamless and water-tight
  • Redundant layers of protection
  • Class A fire resistance
  • Class 4 impact resistance
  • Avoid leaks & condensation within roof structure
  • Lower costs over life-cycle
  • With proper maintenance, can be recoated for renewed lifespan
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Seamless Protection for Years to Come

ECO Commercial Roofing is dedicated to offering roofing systems which deliver lasting value and return-on-investment. Seamless roofing systems are a leading option for protecting a facility. For one, their monolithic, seam-free body makes them more impervious to leaks.

A “multi-ply” roof coating system offers even more value. It provides multi-layered protection, and its elastomeric properties – or ability to expand and contract with changing temperatures – help it stay resistant to UV damage over time.

To understand the full value of a ply roof coating system, it’s helpful to weigh the record of prior-existing multi-ply systems. Then we can see how a ply coating system builds on these systems.

Track Record of Prior Multi-Ply Systems

Before the ply coating system was introduced, built-up roofing was the dominant multi-ply system on the market. Built-up roofing has many levels of bitumen and bitumen-saturating felts (or other components), which give it redundant layers for waterproofing.

On account of this design, built-up roofing offers many advantages:

  • 100+ year record of success
  • Properly installed ones can last 30+ years
  • Multi-layered protection solution
  • Redundant layers reduces prospects for leaks
  • Great tensile strength
  • Solid weather-durability

A seamless, multi-ply coating system builds on these strengths, but with additional benefits: it’s more sustainable, adds less roof stress load, and offers greater eco-friendliness, to name a few.

How Does Seamless Roofing Stack up Against Others?

In recent years, single-ply membrane roofing systems have gained popularity. Traditional systems like single-ply roofing aren’t without their merits. But they do come with their own downsides:

Single-Ply Roofing

  • Only one layer
  • Seams held to sealed together
  • Seams may come apart or become worn over time
  • Underlying structure at risk if membrane is compromised
  • Possible extensive damage if water travels under membrane
  • Could be at risk for uplift
  • Requires tear-off and new materials when roof fails
  • More stress load than seamless roof

Multi-Ply Seamless Roofing

  • Multiple layers
  • Monolithic body and seam-free
  • Greater leak resistance over time with no seams
  • Multiple layers offers greater, lasting integrity
  • Avoid condensation and water problems in roof structure with proper install
  • Maintains strong adhesion
  • Proper caretaking enables recoating when needed

Interested in Seamless Roofing System?

If you’d like to investigate the merits of a seamless, multi-ply roof coating system, call ECO Commercial Roofing. We have 20+ years’ construction expertise and are a recognized applicator for a manufacturer with a 35+ year record. As a fully factory trained applicator, ECO can offer non-prorated manufacturer warranties on our seamless roofing systems!

An ECO representative will visit your location, during which they’ll note all areas of trouble. They’ll also see whether a seamless roofing system is a viable option for your facility. Once they’ve completed their assessment, we can discuss various options.

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