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Are you wanting to reduce your building utility costs? Our cool roof systems will deliver ongoing savings via lower energy costs. As a “green” roofing solution, they have a white surface which reflects 80-85% of the sun’s rays.

In turn, it greatly lowers A/C costs, reduces the strain on HVAC equipment, and alleviates thermal stress on your roof structure. To learn how our cool roof coating systems can save you money, call us at (877) 406-7663. We’d be glad to schedule an appointment to look at your existing roof’s condition and its viability for a coating system, too.

Cool Roofing Solutions

Thanks to some innovations, roofs can now offer more than just building protection. Cool, reflective roofing enables a building to be more energy-efficient and cost-efficient:

  • The roof has a white, reflective surface
  • This white surface reflects a majority of the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it
  • The roof’s surface temperature is cooler, and less heat is transferred into the building from the roof
  • The ambient air temperatures around rooftop fixtures such as HVAC equipment also drops
  • As a result, less energy is used to cool the building – its carbon emissions from energy use also drops
  • The HVAC equipment is also taxed less in its performance

When one compares the performance of a cool, white roof with a dark roof, the differences are substantial. Via a cool roof coating system, you can change a dark or old roof into a cool, energy-saving asset!

Roof Temperatures Comparison

What are Other Advantages?

Along with making a building more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, our coating systems offers many other benefits. These advantages include:

Cool Roof Coating Benefits
  • Forms new membrane over old roof
  • Seamless, lightweight & durable protection
  • Class A fire resistance & Class 4 impact resistance
  • Extend roof life while avoiding tear-off costs
  • Eliminate roof leaks & condensation within roof structure
  • Delay roof aging with premier UV resistance
  • Fully adhered without fasteners or adhesives
  • Expands & contracts with changing temperatures
  • Solid tensile strength & performance
  • Reflects up to 85% of sun’s rays
  • Can give up to 30% A/C cost savings per year
  • Non-prorated warranty options for up to 18 years

Cool Roof Estimates

With a 20+ year background, ECO Commercial Roofing specializes in installing cool roof systems with high-caliber results. You can count our team’s superior expertise and attention to detail! To schedule an appointment for a professional, on-site roof survey, contact us today.

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