Flat Roof Repair Conroe, TX

Straight Repairs for Flat Roofs


They say, fire is a good servant but a bad master. The same is true for water. Despite the fact that water makes life possible on earth, anything in excess is bad and water is no different. Particularly if we are talking of ponding water on your flat commercial roof!

Ponding water is water that does not drain away from a roofing surface 48 hours after it stops raining. Such stubborn water pools are the surest symptom that your commercial flat roof needs repairs. Call ECO Commercial Roofing at (877) 406-7663 for commercial flat roof repair in Conroe, TX.  Also call us if you notice these other issues on your flat commercial roof like leaks, cracks, moisture trapped inside the roofing membrane, blisters, trapped debris, torn membranes, punctures, membrane shrinkage, and blow offs.

ECO Commercial Roofing has over 20 years experience in dealing with complex roofing issues. Our superbly trained and equipped personnel use cutting-edge roofing technologies and the market-leading Conklin roofing products to deliver customized roofing solutions that endure for a lifetime.

Repairs: The Cents that Save the Dollars on Replacements

For a start, replacements are at least twice as expensive as repairs. The bill for replacements runs into tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands. All this drills deep holes in your wallets. All that you have to do to avoid this expensive and cumbersome process is call ECO Commercial Roofing at (877) 406-7663. We will minimize your roofing expenses and eliminate your roofing stress.

ECO Commercial Roofing repairs and restores commercial flat roofs to their pristine condition. We use top-notch Conklin roofing products that:

  • Form a seamless, leak-proof, flexible, and lightweight membrane over your commercial flat roof
  • Protect your roof from overflowing rains, hailstorms, high winds, fires, and impacts
  • Add 20-30 years life to your ageing commercial flat roof
  • Save up to 30% of annual energy costs on heating and cooling
  • Can pay back the investment in under 7 years
  • Do not disrupt business operations during application
  • Are guaranteed against all material and labor shortcomings for up to 20 years
  • Face only around 0.25% warranty-related claims
  • Are applied on 2+ billion square feet of roofing in the country

Master Class

ECO Commercial Roofing’s consistent success in applying Conklin products has earned us the coveted and stringent Master Contractor designation from Conklin on more than 5 occasions.

Call us today at (877) 406-7663 and harness the best merits of flat roofs through cost effectiveness, easy serviceability and repair-ability, and long life while comfortably sidelining their inherent demerits of vulnerability to ponding water, leaks, and related damages.

We also serve:

  • Texas: Tyler, Mt. Pleasant, Kilgore, Longview, Marshall, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Palestine, Jacksonville, Athens, Corsicana, Waxahachie, Dallas, Sulphur Springs, and the surrounding communities
  • Louisiana: Shreveport, Minden, Ruston, Monroe, Jonesboro, Mansfield, Natchitoches, Alexandra, Winnfield, Coushatta, DeRidder, and the rest of Louisiana