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Roofs need routine service to last for their life expectancy.

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Building owners may face many problems with their roofing asset. But one constant challenge is having access to a qualified roofing contractor. What happens if the roofing contractor that installed your roof goes out of business?

The Problem

When the contractor that installed the roof isn’t around, it creates several dilemmas:

  • Most warranties require ongoing inspections & maintenance
  • If those terms aren’t met, the warranty will be terminated
  • A detailed roof history is needed for insurance claims
  • Without routine maintenance, roofing costs can skyrocket

In other words, if a contractor is no longer around, it has a big impact. Building owners are stuck with a roof that needs ongoing care from a capable service provider. And without that caretaking, it will likely lead to elevated roofing work demands.

The Solution

ECO Commercial Roofing is a member of Choice Roof Contractor Group. Within this group of commercial roofers, there are elite contractors who are authorized to offer a “lifetime service guarantee.” In turn, the guarantee is backed by other authorized group members.

As a nationally-scaled association, Choice Roof Contractor Group’s “endorsed” contractors can cover roof service needs across the country. Should one endorsed member be unavailable to service a roof, another one can step in as a proxy and fulfill that need. This is just one of many ways ECO Commercial Roofing offers value to our customers!

How Does It Work?

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s preferred manufacturer is Conklin®, a leading innovator in the roofing industry for 35+ years. When a contractor joins the group, they go through Conklin’s complete roof applicator training program.

During this program, contractors receive professional, direct-factory training. Once they complete it, they become trained applicators of Conklin® roofing systems. They’re able to install and maintain warranted Conklin® roofing systems, as a result. So when one Choice Roof Contractor can’t maintain an existing Conklin® roof, another Choice Roof Contractor can step in with this high-level training and expertise.

What’s the Value to Building Owners?

This lifetime service guarantee, in turn, translates into many benefits for building owners:

  • Connections to pre-screened, qualified contractors
  • Warranty terms are fulfilled, warranty stays intact
  • Roof’s lifespan extended with recurring servicing
  • More control over roofing expenses
  • Documented roof history for insurance claims

Along with this value proposition, ECO Commercial Roofing offers 20+ years of construction expertise, deep roofing knowledge, durable, energy-efficient roofing solutions, and skilled roofing specialists. You can count on our quality-minded team for the service and solutions you deserve!

Need a Roof Estimate?

From start to finish, ECO Commercial Roofing is committed to providing the best-quality roofing services possible. When you have a roofing need, our team will schedule a convenient appointment to look over your roof’s condition.

During this roof survey, they’ll thoroughly assess your roof and its status. Once they’ve identified all areas, afterward you’ll receive a detailed roof report. We’ll also be able to provide a range of solutions customized to your needs. Don’t hesitate to call us to request a customized estimate!

You don’t have to settle for recurring roof headaches. Call us today at (877) 406-7663 for assistance.