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ECO Roofing understands that your roof is more than just a roof.  It is the protection your entire home counts on.  It covers the people you love and the things you hold most dear.  When searching for a residential roofing contractor, don’t trust just anyone.  Trust a company that will treat your property as if it’s their own.  Trust a company that is knowledgeable and experienced.  Call us today at 877-406-7663 to meet our team personally and benefit from a professional, on-site roof assessment.

Residential Roofing Services

Throughout the last 20 years in the construction business, our team has worked with homeowners to ensure their home is water tight.  Backed by our impeccable service record, we guarantee our services will be provided in a safe and controlled environment.  We provide the highest level of customer service and strive to building lasting relationships our customers can count on.

A few of the prime services we provide are listed below.

Leak Detection and Repair:  Don’t let that small leak turn into a disaster down the road.  When left unattended, that tiny leak can wreak havoc on your home, causing catastrophic damage.  We have the experience necessary to spot the tiniest of leaks and repair them on all roofing types.

Roof Replacement:  When the time has come for your roof to be replaced, you can trust the experts at ECO Roofing.  Our highly-trained staff will make the process as smooth as possible, minimizing the stress it puts on you.  We provide quick an efficient service and strive for minimal disruptions to your home.

Disaster Response Services:  We know that Mother Nature can be brutal on us Texans, but don’t worry!  The disaster response team at ECO Roofing is here for you 24/7.  When severe weather blows through town, call ECO to get water tight in no time.

Inspection Programs:  When you have your roof on a regular inspection program, it will minimize repair costs and lengthen your roofs life expectancy.  Your roof is a costly investment, don’t let it go to waste.  Our inspection programs are here to ensure your roof lasts to its expected lifespan.

Your home is our priority.  Don’t delay, call ECO today.  You can reach us at 877-406-7663.  Our licensed and insured team is here to provide any work necessary to ensure the success of your roof.

The Insurance Process

Every year, Mother Nature throws her best at Texas.  Whether it’s from tornados, hail, or strong winds, you can always count on ECO Roofing to be there for you.  We understand that filing an insurance claim can be stressful, so we’re here to take the guesswork out of filing an insurance claim.  Below are the steps we take:

Step One:  Call a licensed and insured contractor you can trust.  Insurance companies do not make money on claims.  When you have an experienced contractor on your side, working with the insurance companies becomes much easier.

Step Two:  ECO Roofing will inspect your roof to determine if damage has been sustained.

Step Three:  If damage has been found on your property, we will work with you to file a claim.  When you call your insurance company they will provide you with a claim number and schedule a time to have an adjuster visit your property to perform an inspection.

Step Four:  Your insurance adjuster will visit your home and provide their own inspection.  At this time, it is advantageous to have your ECO Roofing representative present so both parties can work together to make sure all damages are accounted for.

Step Five:   Once you receive your insurance estimate, you can begin the project planning stage.  ECO Roofing will help you understand your project scope and answer any questions you have on the claims process.  After this is done, you get to select your colors and sit back and relax – we’ll take care of everything from here!

Step Six:  This is the construction phase.  ECO Roofing will provide all of the necessary permits, labor and materials.  We will make sure all your landscaping is protected and clean up all debris at the end of each day.

Step Seven:  Once all repairs have been completed, we will send a final invoice to your insurance company.  Your insurance company will then release the remaining funds.

ECO Roofing will work with you each step of the way to make sure your home is protected.  Let us be the company you count on for all your roofing needs.  Call us today at 877-406-7663 for a free, no-obligation roof inspection.