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Did You Know? More than $1 billion is spent on roof replacements due to premature roof failure.
Did You Know? Over 25% of all roofing dollars go to unplanned roof repairs.

ECO Commercial Roofing is a full-scale commercial roofing contractor serving Texas and Louisiana. As part of our services, our licensed, skilled technicians perform commercial roof inspections. Combined with roof maintenance, an ongoing inspection program will help keep costs lower and maximize your roof’s life expectancy.

ECO Commercial Roofing has 20+ years experience in the construction industry. Our professionals have evaluated, diagnosed, and dealt with all manner of roofing issues. You can count on our ongoing support to cover your roof’s caretaking needs. To setup routine inspection appointments or for more information, call the ECO team at (877) 406-7663.

Roof Inspection Services

Routine roof inspections are beneficial in many ways:

  • Maintaining roof history
  • Keeping roof documentation
  • Helping with insurance claims
  • Keeping more control over roof expenses
  • Assisting with stabilizing general liability insurance costs
  • Extending roof protection’s life

Our roof inspection programs are geared for maximizing roof lifespan on industrial, commercial, retail, and institutional facilities. Whether you have one property holding or multiple building assets, we’ve got you covered. Call us!

Roof Inspection Steps

ECO Commercial Roofing associates have strong fieldwork expertise. They bring strong knowledge, resourcefulness, and insights to customer needs. The steps involved with one of our roof inspection appointments are:

  • Evaluating condition of roofing materials
  • Assessing caps, ridges & drip edges
  • Looking over water-draining equipment
  • Examining roof for any signs of movement
  • Assessing roof valleys, HVAC units, piping, chimneys, vents & roof penetrations
  • Evaluating roofing-specific features such as metal flashings

You can count on ECO Commercial Roofing’s roof inspection experts. Call us should you be interested in discussing how these services can save you money!

Commercial Inspections

Industry practices recommend having your roof inspected at least twice a year – preferably in the springtime and the falltime. Other events after which to have the roof inspected are:

  • Strong wind activity in area
  • Storms with hail
  • Heavy local snowfall
  • Melting precipitation
  • Episodes of foot traffic on roof
  • Other events which may prompt roof damage

Call us to discuss our complementary roof maintenance services, too. Our roofing specialists cover all needs, including maintenance, repairs, restoration, and re-roofing.

Call us today at (877) 406-7663 for more information or to schedule inspection appointments. We look forward to hearing from you!