Roof Maintenance

Costly leaks are one of the leading causes of premature roof failure.
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If neglected, this unsealed area is open to water, dirt, or other damaging agents infilitrating underneath the roof membrane.

A roof is an important part of a commercial infrastructure. It keeps tenants, employees, and colleagues safe. The roof also plays a significant role in preserving company assets and inventory from harm. It shields these valuables from damage by water, hail, or other exterior hazards.

If the roof is examined during only times of trouble, it can lead to costly, disastrous results. With 20+ years of construction expertise, ECO Commercial Roofing has helped many building owners with maximizing their investment. Call us at (877) 406-7663 to learn how you can save money.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance?

In many ways a roof is a building asset. It’s also a structural component which is among the most likely to be litigated for insurance claims. So it needs to perform for as long as possible. Here are some advantages to routine maintenance appointments:

  • Maintains paperwork for insurance claims
  • Locates roof problems before they turn more costly
  • Creates a detailed roof history
  • Helps stabilize general liability insurance costs
  • Enables you to avoid business disruptions arising from roof issues

Roof Maintenance Programs

An ongoing roof maintenance program will help extend the roof’s life and keep capital expenses lower. Our roof maintenance programs are available for any size of roof:

What Our Roof Maintenance Includes
  • Examining complete roof for damage or debris
  • Assessing all roof seams are water-tight
  • Locating areas of standing water
  • Ensuring all rooftop units are well-secured
  • Searching for signs of roof movement
  • Removing all debris on roof
  • Testing functionality of rooftop components
  • Confirming all bolts & screws are secure

Our skilled technicians are experts in proper roof caretaking. They specialize in handling all roofing needs: installation, repairs, waterproofing, restoration, and re-roofing. You can count on our attentive service and professional experience for the maintenance solutions your facility needs!

Call for Roof Maintenance Appointments

ECO Commercial Roofing will schedule regular maintenance appointments at times convenient for you. We’ll give your roof the professional “checkup” it needs each time, and if any work is needed, we’ll discuss the details with you. ECO Commercial Roofing prioritizes your satisfaction and will work hard to ensure your building is secure for the long-term!

Don’t hesitate. Call us today at (877) 406-7663 for more information or to discuss maintenance options. We look forward to hearing from you!